Who runs Munki Computer Help?

Me!  Warren!


I have been a geek for as long as I remember.  As a child, I was into sci-fi and drawing pictures of the spaceships I saw on TV shows.  ​I was into gaming, played on an Atari 2600, and on the arcade machines of the late 70's and early 80's.  My dad bought me my first computer when I was 12 years old - a Sinclair ZX81 which I taught myself how to program.

Having been swindled out of a Computer Science O Level at school, I nevertheless went to college to study Electronics and Computer Technology where I learned how computers worked and how to fix them when they break.  Driven and fascinated by what I'd learned, I went on to to study Computer Engineering at university.  Since then I've worked in Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Training and Lecturing.


About Us


Munki Computer Help started as a simple Facebook page offering IT advice to the local community of a small ex-pit village in the North East of England.  It was a community project and we still have our roots firmly in that community, providing free advice to people in need of a geek.

We've already come a long way in a short time.  See the Services page for an idea of what we're doing now.


We also provide free collection and return of computers that need attention, work in the home, or here at HQ.