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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

So last week in Munki Computer Help land, I've not been so well. Those who know me, know what this means so I won't bore you with the details. In the context of this post, it simply means that I couldn't function well enough for a few days, to help other people very much with their computer problems.

However, here's a rundown of the things I was able to do:

  • I took in a poorly 2012 Apple Mac which had been inexpertly upgraded and half of the client's files had gone missing. Given that he is a pro photographer, this is a very big deal. I did my data forensics thing, found and restored the missing files. Needless to say, the client is now feeling very relieved.

  • Having not received any alerts from my monitoring systems, I became suspicious that something was up. Sure enough I found a bug in the most recent release of the alerting software, did some of my own debugging on it and worked with the devs to resolve the issue.

  • A machine I supplied to a customer was misbehaving, so I took a look at that and found that an old Windows 10 bug with the delivery optimiser had crept back in during an update. There were some other tweaks I could do fairly quickly so I did those and was on my way.

  • Not really Munki Computer Help related, but in between delighting clients, I also hosted a friend at my house and got him to his first day at college. Well done pal . Me and you eh?! We know

  • I attempted another data recovery on a RAID array, but alas it was too badly damaged and the main drive could not be read. The customer was very understanding and I've offered to help him with his ongoing storage requirements to avoid such things happening again in the future.

  • I didn't get to prep my marketing for next week, but I'll catch up over the weekend

  • So that was last week at .. please come and check out my page to find out about other things I can help you with . Like and Follow and pass my details to your friends too .

I much appreciate the nice comments and reviews on my Facebook Page and all the ways you all help me. So cheers everybody

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