Proactive vs Reactive IT

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Reactive IT is where you're just waiting for the next thing to go wrong, at which point you will react, fix the issue and everything is good again?!

How much time do all those reactive IT episodes cost in real terms? Not just taking into account the cost of the fixing, but also of the loss of productivity you get when computers go down, a printer won't work, you keep losing your internet, or whatever today's nasty surprise is going to be. How many staff simply can't get on with their jobs while you wait for this fix?

Not sure? I can tell you. The faults alone cost an average of £4300 per annum. The loss of productivity is about 545 person-hours. That translates to a staggering average of £7235 per employee per year.


By taking a more proactive, forward-thinking approach to IT, Munki Computer Help can significantly reduce your IT costs. How? By measuring the risks associated with your IT, planning ahead, and doing the work up-front to mitigate those risks. By monitoring what is going on in your systems, we can respond so that a small problem doesn't become a big issue.

Our systems are there to help you achieve this. Let's start with a FREE, no-obligation overview of the risks to your business. Call Warren on 0191 249 9272 for more details.

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